The Ergonomical Chef Knife Set


The Ergonomical Chef Knife Set

Not only does it have a shiny and sleek look, it has a non-slip handle, sharp edge and also the perfect balance. The chef knife set that I’m talking about it the Global 3 Piece Starter Knife Set. The knives that you get are the 8″ chef’s knife, 5.25″ utility knife and 3.5″ paring knife. I feel this is a perfect addition to your kitchen or if you don’t need new knives, you could give them as a gift.


Why Global Chef Knife Set?

Global knives have been designed to withstand pressure and resist corrosion. It has a thin razor sharp edge that will cut anything in its way. Moreover, it’s blade is made out of high-quality CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel.


The handle is attached to the blade which is great for sanitary purposes. The hollow handle is filled with sand to create the perfect balance. Don’t be scared of the small dots on the handle as it helps the knife to stay in your hand. In fact, you will find yourself enjoying these knives because they reduce wrist tension even when you’re using them for longer periods.
What are you waiting for? Get yourself a set now while they’re on sale.

Spicy Grilled Salmon Recipe

grilled salmon


2 tablespoons paprika

1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

½ teaspoon ground thyme

¼ teaspoon ground ginger

1 teaspoon chile powder


6 oz. salmon filet

2 tablespoons spice rub

Heat grill pan on high. Season with olive oil.

Season fillet with spice rub on both sides. Place fish on grill presentation side down facing the 2 o’clock position for 30 seconds. Rotate the fillet to the 10 o’clock position for another 30 seconds. Flip fillet over and repeat above steps until fish reaches desired doneness. Remove from heat and serve.

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How I Found The Perfect Bread Maker

We all love the smell of freshly baked bread, nothing quite beats it. It always reminds me of my mother when I was a little girl, she loved to bake bread, maybe that’s why I like to bake bread. Sadly though my new job means more hours in the office and less time at home. I love my job but I miss baking. However, I still wanted to enjoy the taste of homemade bread and so therefore made the decision to buy a bread maker. That way I would have the best of both worlds.

top-bread-makerThe first decision I had to make was what brand to choose? There are so many different makes on the market. I asked friends and family for their advice and the name that kept popping up was that of Panasonic. So a Panasonic bread maker it was to be. I just didn’t know what particular maker.

That was the time to hit the internet, in order to find a bread maker review that told me what the best maker would be to suit my needs. Budget was not a particular problem, I just needed a fairly large bread machine that I could pre program and which would make me a decent loaf of bread.

I firstly checked out the Panasonic website. This listed all of their available bread makers with customer reviews. Each bread maker was also given a star rating that helped me in my choice. I then visited in order to read what Panasonic bread makers they had available. Again customer reviews and star ratings were given.

By consulting both of these websites I was able to find the best Panasonic bread maker for me. My advice is to always read those customer reviews, as they help you in your decision making process. You therefore get the best that is available to match both your needs and budget. I am so glad that I took the time to read reviews as I now have the perfect bread maker.

My Favorite (and least favorite) Rice Cookers

Rice is a staple of my diet and I have gone through several different rice cookers over the years. Some have stood the test of time and cooked rice to perfection, while others have been thoroughly disappointing. These are some of the best rice cookers and worst that I have come across:
Sunbeam Rice Perfect Deluxe 7
Despite its name, there is nothing perfect or deluxe about this Sunbeam rice cooker. The old saying that you get what you pay for is 100% true in this situation. After only a few weeks I received a nasty surprise when I found flakes of Teflon in my foul metallic flavored rice. Even though I cleaned it carefully and only used a plastic spoon to serve the rice the Teflon continued to peel. This was the worst rice cooker I have ever owned and it is not worth the box it comes in.

Panasonic SR-DE103WST
I was so impressed with this rice cooker and its. The ceramic pot is so easy to clean and the rice comes out perfectly every time. This cooker lasted me over a year and probably would have lasted even longer until I accidentally dropped it on the floor, which was sadly the end of it.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker & Warmer
I never thought that I would ever spend over $200 on a rice cooker, but I was lucky enough to receive it as a present and since then I would happily pay the price without a second thought. The Zojirushi cooks rice so perfectly it’s like God cooked it himself. Whether your rice is white or brown, cheap or expensive, long grain or short grain, it tastes delicious every time. Even eating it on its own. This cooker is easy to use and clean, keeps any leftover rice fresh and warm (as if it had just finished cooker) for when you want a midnight snack later, and delightfully plays twinkle twinkle little star when it starts cooking.

Nonstick pots and pans for my induction stove

I know this is an excuse but I am going to purchase a new set of the best nonstick pots and pans for my kitchen anyway. This Christmas, we received an induction stove as gift from my husband’s brother. My co-sister was all praises for such stoves, and she even taught me how to use it. I am impressed no doubt but I have limited set of pots and pans that I can use on this induction stove. So I made a requisition for a new set and my miserly husband sanctioned it!

nonstick cookware

My previous set has PTFE coating and while it has not been damaged in anyway, I do feel it looks dull. I also have a set of steel cookware but my daughter wants it, and so I am now contemplating purchasing a new set. I need a grill pan for sure as the previous set does not have one. I have somehow managed but don’t intend to anymore.

I wonder why they group these sets in a way that you are forced to buy somethings that you don’t need. One of the saucepans for boiling milk is so small that I can barely boil half liter of milk in it. I don’t need those glass covers either. At my age, washing it is a pain. I prefer stainless steel lids. They don’t give such lids for saucepans and casseroles, did you notice? Well, some sets have one for casseroles, but the ones I have perused so far did not have any lids for saucepans. But I did come across an interesting set of nonstick cookware. This one was made from clay and looked really good or as my daughter would put it- “cool”. But I opted against that set of nonstick pots and pans because I am sure it will be too heavy for my aging wrists to handle. Moreover, it would never have met my dear husband’s approval. There are many interesting sets but I do need to have a clear idea about what I want. Let me see, one grill pan, preferably with lid, two saucepans with spouts and lids, of 1.5 liters and 3 liters, one casserole with lid, 2 pans and one skillet. All this in my budget, seems a tall order but I feel confident that there is a set of nonstick pots and pans out there waiting for me to find it.

After research on the internet, I found a few nonstick cookware sets that are rated highly by users.

Anolon Advanced Bronze Nonstick Hard Anodized Set
With this nonstick set I don’t have to worry about nonstick coating peeling off because it is hard anodized which means the surface is not a painted layer of coating but a solid surface that food won’t stick on. It’s dishwasher safe and looks nice.

Circulon Symmetry 11-Pc Set
Another cookware set that I’m considering is the Circulon Symmetry. This is also an 11-piece set, with all the pieces I want and more.

Both nonstick cookware sets are quite expensive, but if they’re of good quality, I would like to try them. Which one do you think is better?

Why I choose best Japanese kitchen knives


In my over ten years of experience as a private chef, I will give you some advice for free- go Japanese in your kitchen arsenal. In the kitchen, the knife plays a significant role. A bad knife is an ingredient for a bad meal. Over the years, one thing I have learnt is that the preparation stage for a meal is the most important. When preparing a meal, you can never avoid using a knife.

If you spend some time in the kitchen, then you have encountered low-quality knives- they are very common since they have very tempting price tags. Japanese kitchen knives are the best. If you have done any research on best kitchen knife sets, you will agree with me that this is not the first these knives have been recommended. I will give you the facts.

To start with Japanese knives are hard. Hardness in a knife is necessary. Hardness determines the durability. European knives cannot boast of the same hardness offered by their eastern rivals. Japanese have been associated with steel and iron smelting for generations. These craftsmen have picked good skills to come up with hard knives topped with thinness and sharpness.
For some reason, Japanese knives are made of harder steel than the western knives. Manufacturers of knives in Japan are spoilt for choice in the sense that there are many quality steel suppliers in the country. Good steel topped with excellent craftsmanship- what else do you need in a knife?


Hard knives are associated with weight. While most Japanese knives are heavy- which is not always a bad thing- the best Japanese knives are lighter and still maintain the hard attribute.
As much as Japanese knives are hard, it does not mean they will last forever. However, proper maintenance will increase the durability of the knife. I maintain my knives by regularly sharpening them. Sharpening a knife is easy- that sounds crazy, but it is true. The skill is easy, but it takes a great deal of practice to master. I had to take knife sharpening classes to learn the skills. Fortunately for you, you do not have to sharpen the knife. Some companies offer this service. Finding them is easy- just type the service in the text box of a search engine.
Maintenance does not end at sharpening the knives. The truth is the best Japanese kitchen knives require little sharpening in their lifetime. Cleaning the knives and drying them after use make the knives last longer. Knife storage is necessary- reduce the impact on the sharp edge.

Using a faulty oven or even a low-quality pan is easy. But try using a bad knife and I can promise you a bad day in the kitchen.

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Espresso Easily Made with Automatic Machines

Every espresso fan likes to use the best automatic espresso machine to make their most preferred espresso. However, if you find it difficult to select the best automatic espresso machine, here are my picks.

I readily recommend SAECO PHILIPS Xelsis EVO fully automatic espresso machine as the best automatic espresso machine. Though this best automatic espresso machine has many overwhelming features, in my opinion, its top-notch programmability with numerous options makes it one of the best automatic espresso machine for 2016. Every member of my big family enjoys their own personalized profiles while using it.
making a cuppa

The SAECO Xelsis is a best one-touch equipment with an efficient auto-frothing system that helps me to avoid any additional input. I usually prefer a bit hot coffee and the exceptional steam arm of this best automatic espresso machine never lets me down. I am sure that its matchless programmable beverage menu, magnetic drip trays, removable group unit and detachable double dispenser that accommodates any size of mugs are so perfectly designed and made to beat any other model. Its specially designed SPS System that controls the quantity of crema is magnificent. Bean hopper of 12 oz. size fitted with grinder control, 54 oz. water container with awesome filter system and bypass doser usable for pre-ground scoops of this automatic espresso machine make it perfect for all of my various occasions.

My another recommendation is the Breville Express Espresso Machine. I was instantly impressed by the wonderful sleek design and high-end features of this automatic espresso machine. I assure you that at $650, it is a best pick for the money and in my experience, this is perhaps the best automatic espresso machine in terms of comparative value, reliability and quality. Great features like large bean hopper, double water boiler, modifiable dispenser, fine bypass doser, volume and dose selectors of this automatic espresso machine will conquer any espresso lover as it did with me.